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The Pioneer Mother memorial in Kansas City, MO, received a cleaning and new wax coat last weekend. The work was completed by professional conservator Jonathan Taggart.

Taggart, who also performed a cleaning on the sculpture in 2007, washed the bronze surface with a non-ionic detergent, and then applied two coats of hard sculpture wax. The wax shields the sculpture against weathering and can also be removed for cleaning purposes.

The mortar joints in the sculpture’s base were also inspected and repointed as needed with a specially designed mortar.

The Proctor Foundation works with local groups and communities to support the maintenance and conservation of Proctor’s 27 public sculptures. These monuments are located across the country in parks and plazas, and on city streets and university campuses such as Princeton and the University of Texas, Austin.

Below are several photos of the sculpture during and after conservation, provided by the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department.