Proctor’s Indian Warrior at The Seattle Art Museum


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The Proctor Museum loaned the sculpture, Indian Warrior, (modeled 1898) to the Seattle Art Museum where it’s displayed in the American Art Gallery.

On the evening of May 6, 2010, approximately 75 Proctor family and friends gathered at the Seattle Art Museum to celebrate the Indian Warrior’s arrival. Patti Junker, Ann M. Barwick Curator of American Art, shared an interesting story about the sculpture’s history there.

In 1909, Proctor donated three bronzes to the Washington Art Association: an elk, a buffalo, and the Indian Warrior. The Art Association eventually became connected with the Seattle Art Museum, but the three Proctor statues have been missing since 1933!

The Proctor Museum hopes to see the other two Proctor sculptures from that time, the elk and buffalo, back on display in the Seattle Art Museum.

The Indian Warrior, modeled in 1898, embodies the three core principles Proctor learned from his mentor and friend, master sculptor Augustus St. Gaudens: simplicity, dignity and nobility. It won the Gold Medal for sculpture at the 1900 Paris Exposition.



The Buffalo Bill Historical Center Unveils The Proctor Studio Collection


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The Proctor Museum is excited to announce that a long-term vision has come to life with the opening of the Proctor Studio at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center (BBHC) in Cody, Wyoming.

The Proctor Studio is a life-size recreation of the artist’s actual studio, bringing Proctor to life for visitors as they wander through a replica of his working environment. Visitors to the Proctor Studio see a 12-foot plaster of Proctor’s Rough Rider monument, in large pieces exposing the original, metal armature and hardware.

With almost 100 artworks on display, including plasters, bronzes and original clay, a sculpture model puzzle, and video about the making of a statue, the Proctor Studio collection is truly an overall experience in how a sculpture comes to life.

More information on the Buffalo Bill Historical Center website